Casting on : a second Lawrenson Sweater

My current banners on my blog here and on my YouTube Channel are from the first Lawrenson Sweater I knitted last Autumn, that tells how much I love it, the look and feel of it, how much I love wearing it. I procrastinated over using the Lawrenson Sweater pattern again for the Mohair d’Aulon in Reseda I had brought back from my summer vacation, or find another pattern. I prefer not knitting patterns several times as I like to discover new patterns, stitches, construction etc. I spent much time looking and browsing around, and guess what, I went back to lilykatemakes pattern 😺

My gauge is not meeting the one from the pattern, calculations are done and I’m looking forward to many fittings ! Having a sweater to compare to on a regular basis is a good way to keep me on tracks.

The yellow mohair is what currently makes me happy 🌞🤩

Wooly News ⎮#3


© roasts Heu

Rastus Hsu is a designer from Taiwan who has a discreet presence on IG and Ravelry. His YouTube channel is named “Simply Elegant” which says it all (in Mandarin). If you want to get familiar with him and his work, Kristy Glass has an episode on YouTube which I watched when it launched. He’s going to release a new pattern with 3D and paper folding effects (his own words) that caught my attention as soon as I saw the post on IG. What a texture ! Once again, I may not choose such a colour if/when I make it. No matter what, I really love it.

© amitishishop

Another interesting pattern from Japan ! amirisushop (on IG, Ravelry, Youtube and their own website, they ship internationnaly) will release a new collection this fall. This sweater has an unusual graphic look that I like. If knitting in the round, goodbye jogs when switching yarn colour ! Here they are intentional 🙂

© Skeindeer Knits

Skeindeer Knits (on Ravelry, Instagram and YouTube) has released her Matchy-Matchy Accessory Club, a collection of 4 mystery patterns plus an additional one that is not matching the other four, The Midnattssol Shawl that she previewed. Midnattssol stands for midnight sun that people experiment during the summer time in the northern hemisphere. She spent the summer in Trondheim that I happen to have visited a few years back with my university. Sweet, memories 🙂

You can join the club by buying the ebook on Ravelry (currently discounted), you will get the four shawl pattern every 3 weeks. The four mystery shawls are stranded colour work, all matching together.

Trends (sorta)

© La Bien Aimée
© Espace Tricot
© Just Tracie
© Drea Renee Knits

Stripes. After seeing yellow everywhere, I now see stripes, and even yellow stripes ! Stripes are not quite my jam as I (may be wrongly) think they do not fit me. Still contemplating using some stripes in a pattern, may be a small object that won’t be too engaging, such as mittens or a hat ? After knitting socks with my grandmother when I was 8 or 10, I have not taken the dive to the sock waters yet. So that may be a good opportunity ?

Yarn Companies and Stores

© Fonty

Fonty is a very ancient, over 130 years old, French company that spins, dye and sells luxury yarns, at not so luxury prices. They are located in the center of France and have a label that recognises them as a national treasure. They are launching a new line this fall with their 1880 line (1880 is their creation date). The yarn is from local sheep, all developed following fare trade and environmental friendly guidelines. Colors are delicious and I have been eyeing their online catalog for a long time now. You can follow their news on IG and on their website where they have a newsletter subscription) I would very much like to visit them at some point !

© Laines à l’Ouest

Laines à l’Ouest (Website and Instagram) is a yarn company located in Normandy, that specialises in yarns from local sheep breeds. They have environmental conscious projects and currently offer their “wastes” from the mill to use in the garden to protect the plants and bushes during the winter time. What a neat idea ! You will have to come and pick up the balls of yarn if you have a bigger car or a truck, and of course if you can come to Normandy !

Laines Paysannes will be present in Lyon on October 2 and 3 for a knitting event I would like to attend ! Unfortunately I won’t be able to make time to travel across France.. I am waiting on one of their collaboration with WHOLE who dyed limited edition colorways, I preordered four skeins in Brun Doré that should ship in a month or two. Laine Paysanne, such as Fonty and Mohair d’Aulon en Pyrénées (please have a look at my little YouTube podcast I dedicated to my visit this summer) are some local, French companies I am willing to support, buying from them and talking about them. My own little piece to their universe.


Alma Bali – Rues De Paris © Laine Magazine
Olga Buraya-Kefelian – Skylight © Laine Magazine

Since Sept 03, Laine Magazine is offering previews of the patterns that will be included in issue 12. I am so happy I ordered the bundle with issues 12, 13 and 14 while I was on vacations. I so want to cast on all the sweaters, shawls and other accessories ! You can find the previews on their website, Instagram and Ravelry. I received my copy a couple days ago, you will find tons of information all around 🙂

Companion podcast on YouTube :

Finished Object : Châle pour Maman – A Shawl For My Mother

The “Châle pour Maman”, my mother’s shawl Christmas present, is finished ! I was not imagining it would grow and knit that fast, I guess because I used 8mm needles. The lovely Mohair is from Mohair d’Aulon en Pyrénées that I visited this summer. I used the Arbizon and Arbizon bouclette in Safran, diving in my stash for leftovers from the cowls I knitted last year as Christmas gifts to my co-workers. I obviously think mohair is for presents 😀

I even had to go to my big glass jar where I keep all my bits and pieces of yarn for a colourful display for some Mohair Bouclette, otherwise I would have lost at yarn chicken. Is that cheating ?

I used the Boneyard Shawl from Stephen West as a very loose and free inspiration for construction and rhythm, with added lace sections between the Mohair Bouclette structure sections.

It is warm, light and fluffy, and very big. I have a 160 cm wide bed for scale. I am sure she will like it, she chose the colour 🙂

Acquisition : The Gansey Knitting Sourcebook By Di Gilpin

I did preorder the book a month ago on the Tribe Yarns website. I had to pay for shipping (of course) and taxes, plus another additional fee from my post office to finally be able to have it in my hands. Never heard of that before, even though I order quite a bit of things internationally.

I already have an older Gansey knitting book that is quite difficult to read and follow, all pics are in black and white, even grey and white, with little contrast, and the charts are a bit small. I may have to revisit it now 🙂

Anyway, this one is quite enjoyable, with stitch patterns presented accordingly to they shape (diamonds, cables, trees etc.) along with project patterns. I am most interested in the mittens, the cowl and of course the sweater.

And guess what ! There are patterns presented in a yellow yarn colour, a sweater and socks. More to come on my current yellow obsession 🙂

Acquisitions : two small knitting techniques books

Do not come after me ! I love books, the touch and the smell, and most of all, having them to read even if I can find most of this information online. When I knit, or when I select patterns or stitch patterns, I prefer books, booklets or prints. I even print pics of book pages because I like to write on them, to follow a pattern or to write my thoughts. Of course, I use Ravelry for anything I have not decided to use in a knitting project, I only print what I need.

So, I got these two little books, although I can find every tip and technique online. There are other books in the collection, I may splurge on them at some point. I’ve closely looked at what they offer and I have to say I will use them quite a bit. Lotsa inspirations at the same place and in the same little book. They both have a spring binding that is very handy to have a look at the whole page without ruining the book. I dislike when I have to expand the binding of a book beyond repairs just to read it .. You can find them in your preferred world company online store 🙂

Wooly News ⎮ #2

New Patterns

Yarnznl (on Instagram and their website) have a videos and posts about brioche in the round, knitting and purling. I never have tried brioche, it came out after I had learned other ways to achieve the same look (what we call côtes anglaises in French, even fausses côtes anglaises). You either knit in the row below or use an odd number of stitches for the repeat). I need to try brioche one day, there are plenty of shawl or sweater patterns out there !

I knitted two of my FOs with yarn from Yarnznl : the current blog header is from my Lawrenson Sweater in Kokon Bleu and my sons gifted me with the yarn and pattern from the Elvan Shawl. They are very nice and friendly, and arranged for deliveries times so that I could be present and the package would not sit somewhere. I still have a sweater quantity in Kokon waiting for a pattern 🙂

I spotted a very interesting pattern from Kate Barrios that reminds me of my Sotabosc Shawl ! She just released the Chubasco Sweater that I added to my queue list as soon as I saw it. It is knitted with one of Julie Asselin bases (the Leizu Worsted), who featured it on her Instagram. Julie Asselin’s yarns are a delight to knit, I used it for my Galane Sweater by Marie Amelie Designs. I ordered the base it was knitted with after trying some yarn from my (small) stash, but that did not give me the desired effect. One of the first times I knitted with the yarn the pattern was calling for. And It was in the middle of the first lockdowns during the first bursts of the pandemic.

You should follow Kate Barrios on her Instagram, her Ravelry page (if you can) and her blog, all of her publications are very joyful 🙂 She is from Columbia, living in Russia, countries with great knitting traditions and culture.

Natasja Hornby, known as moonstruck_knits on Instagram and Moonstruckmermaid on Ravelry will release a new shawl design. The shawl has no name yet and she asked her community for suggestions. The shawl is beautiful, as all of her designs, with intricate stitches and patterns, mixing lozenges, squares and texture to what appress to be a triangle shawl. Many knitters all around the world celebrate her work with knitalongs or social networks viral threads ! So well deserved, completely drooling over this design.

New KALs – Knitalongs

Laine Magazine is hosting a yearlong KAL with their last release, 52 Weeks of Shawls on Instagram and Ravelry. The KAL is divided into four themes, so is the book. The first theme was “Your Favourite Shawl”. The second theme is “Challenge Yourself” and will run from August 16 to November 14, 2021

Laine Magazine wants to encourage us to try something new – a new technique, a new yarn, a colour that is outside of our comfort zone. To enter the KAL, use the #52weeksofshawlskal hashtag on both Instagram and Ravelry.

Cadyjaxknits have started a new KAL both on their Instagram account and on Ravelry. The #findyourfluffkal is a school-year long KAL :

Our definition of fluff is soft, bouncy, insouciant, or irreverent knits that make you purr and smile

From :

I did not intend to join the KAL as I had other projects in mind, but here we are with the Châle pour Maman..

New Book Releases

So I just received the Summer issue of the Sloow Magazine, which is the following publication of Woolez Vous. Marie-Amelie and Guilaume Pressensé are the editorial team and driving force of this printed booklet, all in French, that presents 9 patterns from independent designers and dyers. A very enjoyable presentation for each pattern, detailing both the process and the story for each creation, pattern and associated yarn. Each pattern creator and yarn dyer are featured with a full article and links to find them online.

In addition to the original patterns, several articles present alcohol free cocktails recipes, articles about knitters, understanding the yarn fibre, how to heal knitters pains with yoga, binding off techniques and more. I did discover a few creators I am going to follow now 🙂

Companion podcast on YouTube :

Finished Object : Leaf Top Tee-Shirt

The Leaf Top Tee-Shirt is now all finished and blocked. I will have to wash it again though, the cotton took several days to dry out on the blocking mats in this colder and humid weather, and now I do not like the smell.. Oh well ! It is going into the next laundry batch for light colours. I already have knitted the Boneyard Shawl from Stephen West with this cotton yarn and it does go into the washing machine, so I won’t hand wash the tee-shirt again.

I should probably have given the tee-shirt a spin in the washer to get rid of the excess water for it to dry out more rapidly..

Now that I have knitted two pieces with this cotton, I have to say I do not like the way it dries out, way to slowly for my weather. In addition it is quite hard on my hand to knit. I still have three or four skeins left, I will make wash clothes out of them, no more garments !

Visit to a Mohair Farm in Aulon – French Pyrénées

This is one of my favourite places. I discovered the village some 30 years back when I first visited this valley and been back there almost every year now. I stay a bit further away because buying a house or even an apartment there is completely out of my ability.

Aulon, Hautes Pyrénées, France

The village is in a valley up in the High Pyrénées, at about 1900 m in altitude, in a real mountain climate with lots of snow in the winter. A bit higher are a few barns that have been renovated and can be rented during the summer.

Granges de Lurgues

The place is very peaceful, green and meditative. I like to hike and knit around there, close to the Arbizon.

High in the village (you really want to walk up the mountain to go there !), there is a small farm, Mohair d’Aulon en Pyrénées, where Angora goats are raised for their mohair. The yarn is processed elsewhere (washed, spined and dyed) in environmental respecting procedures. The farm exists since 1988, I discovered it in 1992 when I first went there, and I’ve bought mohair almost every year I went there. I try to go every summer, there were only a three or four times I could not go in the past 30 years.

Mohair d’Aulon en Pyrénées

The original owner retired in 2017 and the farm is now run by a young lady who continued the project and expanded it, now offering family tours, knitted goods and additional vegetal colour ways.

Angora Goats
Angora Goat

As always, I could not refrain myself and got two sweaters quantities (in Arbizon Indigo, and Arbizon Fin Réséda) and two shawls quantities (in Arbizon and Bouclette, Véronèse and Safran).

Mohair Arbizon – Indigo Végétal
Mohair Arbizon Fin – Réséda Végétal
Mohair Bouclette et Arbizon – Véronèse

The yarns are delicious fluffs to knit and to wear. They come in several different types :

  • Arbizon, 100 m for 50 g, 90% Super Kid Mohair (less than 28 microns) / 5% Merinos / 5% Silk
  • Arbizon fin n°2, 150 m for 50 g, 80% Super Kid Mohair (less than à 28 microns) / 10% Merinios / 10% Silk
  • Bouclette (not combed, with little loops coming gout of the yarn), 100 m for 50 g, 90% Super Kid Mohair (less than 28 microns) / 5% Merinos / 5% Silk
  • Cardé, 115m for 50 g, 70% Mohair Kid (less than 32 microns) / 30% Soie, with less fluff that allows colour works.

I have knitted a lot of shawls, cowls, cardigan, sweaters with these yarns, before I even knew Ravelry even existed ! I currently am knitting my Mother’s Christmas present, she chose the Safran colour way in both Arbizon and Bouclette, so she kinda know about it. She does not know what I am making for her though, a shawl I am knitting as I go with lace sections from several stitches books I own.

Mohair Bouclette et Arbizon – Safran

A delightful place I hope I’ll be able to go for many additional years !

The companion Youtube Podcast is here :

Casting on : Châle pour Maman – A Shawl For My Mother

While on vacation in the French Pyrénées, I went again to Mohair d’Aulon en Pyrénées, a small farm where a young lady raises Angora Goats and sells the Mohair yarns from her goats. The yarn is processed elsewhere (washed, spined and dyed) in environmental respecting procedures. The village is close to the Arbizon, a 2 831 m mountain in the Pyrénées.

The yarn is fabulous, soft and delightful to knit. I got several different yarns this time again, some from the regular Mohair line, some from the “Bouclette” mohair.

The regular combed and fluffy yarn comes in two weights and compositions :

  • Arbizon, 100 m for 50 g, 90% Super Kid Mohair (less than 28 microns) / 5% Merinos / 5% Silk
  • Arbizon fin n°2, 150 m for 50 g, 80% Super Kid Mohair (less than à 28 microns) / 10% Merinios / 10% Silk

The Bouclette mohair is not combed and forms little loops around the yarn, and has the same composition and weight as the Arbizon yarn, with a fun twist to it.

I casted on a shawl for my Mother, knitting as I go, with a few ideas. I casted on the same way the Boneyard Shawl from Stephen West was calling for and used the same idea to separate sections with a garter row. The Bouclette yarn I will use in plain stockinette sections, the Arbizon yarn I will use to knit some lace patterns from two wonderful books, The Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns by Barbara G. Walker and The Utimate Stich Dictionary from Vogue. I have not chosen all the lace patterns, I have a few of them, and I will see as I go.

This is going to be my Mother’s Christmas present, she sorta knows about it as she choose the Safran colour for both yarns.

I did not think I was going to enter the Find Your Fluff KAL Cadyjaxknits started on their Instagram account and on Ravelry, but here I am !

Wooly News ⎮ #1

Treliz from is giving all her pattern sales during August to the Red Cross in Greece and people that are affected by the fires. She made the announcements on her Instagram : Her patterns are on Ravelry :

She also has dyed Organic Shetland DK skeins as limited editions, you can find the special colour ways F*ckaccino Latte, Bluebeard and Outlander on her website.

Maria Zilakou (lacengarter_knits on Instagram) who designed the Fresh Peonies Shawl that I am currently knitting is allo offering all Apokalókairo pattern sales to the Hellenic Red Cross. You can find on the following links her instagram post : and the pattern on Ravelry :

Wool and Pine have released their crochet version of the Sea Glass Tee on August 05th. Not a crocheter myself, but may be you are ? The pattern is beautiful and I will probably make the knitted one at some point.

YarnOver Berlin is offering their dyeing oopsies on their own yarn bases, “Hoplala”, in their shop only, not online. From their mailing list (which you should consider to subscribe to) :

Hoppala is a german expression to say “oopsie” and that’s basically what it is. A happy little accident… If you’ve been to the store in Berlin before, you might have noticed them – the Hoppalas. Colorful and unique and when they’re gone, they’re gone. Well, as many hand dyers know, sometimes accidents happen while dying the yarn, and those accidents are called Hoppala with our home brand Frida Fuchs yarns.

If you happen to be there, please check them out, I will if I am one day going to Berlin !

Espace Tricot has released a new sweater pattern, the Night Blooms Sweater, which is free on Ravelry. This DK sweater can use Silk Mohair held double for the colour work (as in the one presented), or another DK weight yarn, and offers a comfortable A-line shape. If you cannot use Ravelry, you can email them at and they will send a PDF of the pattern via e-mail 🙂

New Book Releases

Laine Magazine will publish their Issue Nb 12 on Septembre 10. They sneak peak patterns on their Instagram account. Viburna by Fabienne Gassmann is shown above and was pushed to their mailing list. The issue will include interviews and other articles. From their mailing list :

Our Autumn 2021 issue, Hav, is a beauty photographed near Helsinki by the sea (hav is Swedish for sea). This issue features 13 knitting patterns from 11 designers around the world: Alma Bali, Olga Buraya-Kefelian, Luuanne Chau, Kristin Drysdale, Claudia Eisenkolb, Fabienne Gassmann, Tamy Gore, Dee Hardwicke, Claudia Quintanilla, Jeanette Sloan and Jutta Turunen. 

Preorders opened today on Friday the 13th 👻 and I preordered the current bundle, issues 12, 13 and 14. The magazine is published in Finnish and in English. Once again, you should consider subscribing to their mailing list (link above) 🙂

Companion podcast on YouTube :